This Kid Knows What's Up

There's a big debate right now in the dog community about the interaction of kids and dogs. Some say they would never 100% trust dog and kids together, supervised or not. 

My personal experience is that I trust Norma 100% with children. She is very tolerant with my little brother who grew up around dogs and we taught him how to behave around them. With that said, I feel like I can't 100% trust the kid! LOL. But, I know my dog. I know what she can handle and I only put her in situations that we're all comfortable with. I could really go on all day about how great Norma is, but I'm going to save that for another blog post. 

Today my boyfriend, Norma, and I were walking through a local park and came across a woman with her son and dog. The kid is probably 5 years old, he was riding a trike and was wearing a big, shiny silver helmet, which could be scary for some dogs. Norma went up and met their dog and the kid asked if she was friendly, and I said yes. He got off his trike and made a move toward her when he paused and asked if she is afraid of dogs. I said that she loves dogs and he petted her. 

What really impressed me was that he asked if she is afraid of kids. 

  1. Not enough kids know that some dogs are afraid of them. Kids can be loud and uncoordinated and this makes some dogs uncomfortable. I think all kids should know that some dogs are scared of kids and know how to properly (and safely!) behave around strange dogs. 
  2. He wasn't going to pet her if she was afraid of children. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he was getting off his trike. He was going to go pet that dog! But he paused and asked first. 

Maybe it's not that impressive. What usually happens to me is that kids run up to are all over Norma without saying anything or they ask after they've already starting petting her. That's how children get bit. I feel like this kids gets it. Either his parents took the time to teach him how to properly interact with dogs, or maybe he learned through a bite prevention class. Either way, children need to be taught how to safely interact with dogs like this kids did today.


Norma is hoping he'll rub her belly; alas, she only got a feet tickle. 

Norma is hoping he'll rub her belly; alas, she only got a feet tickle. 

Till next time,