Please, for the love of dog, don't do this!

I have a fiery passion about homeless dogs and finding them forever homes. Whether that be taking favorable pictures, teaching basic manners, or sharing posts on FaceBook. I believe everyone should spend time in an animal shelter just to see the unfathomable amount of homeless and unwanted dogs that are looking for a new home. With that said, it completely baffles me that people purposefully or carelessly breed their dogs. I'm not talking about serious breeders who throw their entire lives to their dog's care and lives of the future offspring. No. I'm talking about people go out of their way to acquire a dog with the sole purpose of breeding it to make money or because the puppies will be 'cute'. Here are two types of people who shouldn't own dogs:

Idiot #1. People who purposefully breed mutts. There are plenty of idiot #2's out there who will take care of this for you, you don't need to go out of your way to breed mutts. I don't get the mentality behind this decision. Do they think they're improving a breed by watering it down? Do they think they'll get rich off the puppies? WHAT GOOD ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING TO THIS WORLD? Nothing, that's what. There are also "designer dogs", which are basically anything crossed with a poodle, or some mixes of small breeds like the puggle. The man who first created the Labradoodle (these dogs were bred for the purpose of being a highly intelligent and hard working service animals that were also, in theory, hypoallergenic) now regrets it. Don't believe me? Here's the article. The Labradoodle's popularity opened the floodgates for people to cross anything with a poodle and make lots of money for glorified mutt. 

Idiot #2. People who get dogs, then never take care of them. This is an obvious problem and it's abuse, namely neglect, and it comes with many excuses. Many people are apathetic or lazy, and never get around to it. Others claim they don't have the money to fix their pets. They typically let their dog run free and when puppies come around they find them new homes once, maybe twice, then it becomes an issue. How annoying for your bitch to go into season and become pregnant twice a year. Hmmm, if only there was a way to prevent that. Don't get a dog that you don't plan to fix.

The reason this whole rant of mine has been sparked is because I work with someone who just bought a purebred German Shepherd puppy to breed to her hound. From what I heard, she thought the puppies would be cute. It took everything in my power not to slap her across the face and knock some sense in her! But, I'm not the person to shove my beliefs in other peoples' faces because I don't like that being done to me. However, this has been eating away at me. Every time I think about it I get furious about how selfish and naive some people are and how their contributing to the overpopulation of animals. 

There isn't enough homes for the dogs that already exist. Every puppy born to a neglectful or experimental owner pushes a shelter dog out of a potential home and closer to death. I urge everyone looking to breed their dog 'for fun or money' to take a step back and look at other lives they could be affecting, and where their puppies could end up in the future. 

Sierra MolesworthComment